Talks: Jason Harmon

November 5, 2016

Here’s a list of talks I’ve given (or in some cases sessions I’ve moderated), and the decks/video where available. There’s a list of conferences/topics on Lanyrd as well.

This is certainly not every talk I’ve given, but these are the items available online.

Operational API Design Anti-Patterns

Nordic APIs, Stockholm, Oct 2016

Do’s and Don’ts of APIs

Austin API Meetup, Austin, Jan 2016

API Design Impacting the API Lifecycle session

APIStrat, Austin, Dec 2015

Design-First APIs in Practice

APIDays New Zealand, Auckland, Dec 2015

API Design Anti-Patterns

Developer Springboard, Austin, Feb 2016

Austin API Meetup, Austin, Sept 2015

API Strategy & Practice, Berlin, April 2015

Pragmatists Guide to Hypermedia

APIDays, Paris, Oct 2015

Catching Up With Jason Harmon

APIsUncensored Podcast, Jun 2015

APIs and Mobile/Electronic Payments

IBM Podcast Session 1, Jan 2015

IBM Podcast Session 2, Feb 2015

Scaling API Design

Day Camp 4 Developers, Nov 2014

Nordic APIs, Stockholm, Oct 2014

REST Fest 2014, Greenville, Sept 2014

Traffic and Weather: Live at APIStrat 2014

The Future of Payments on the Road

APIDays, San Francisco, Aug 2014

Traffic and Weather: Live at APIStrat 2013

BDD for APIs

APIStrat 2013, San Francisco, Oct 2013

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