REST Roadmap - API Hypermedia for Permissions Patterns

It's been a while since my first post in the REST Roadmap series on [RMM Level 2 / verbs / HTTP status codes]( I'd like to continue moving up the [RMM]( chain, looking at Hypermedia as the Level 3, according to Martin Fowler and Leon Richardson.

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#API makers/consumers: Do you sometimes feel like no one really gets you?

I've found myself explaining to lots of people what it is that I do, in working with APIs. Sure, at the office or a conference, I feel understood. However in social settings or around family, I sometimes feel like people just think I'm making this stuff up. When I try to use acronym and industry jargon filled phrases, I often just get glazed over stares and slow head nodding.

"I offer a series of integration points for mobile, web, and B2B web services consumers. Our RESTful API provides partners and developers and opportunity to monetize their application development by utilizing our marketplace platform."

..."{crickets chirping}"...

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