RESTful Patterns for the HEAD Verb

In the typical usage of HTTP, the GET and POST verbs seem to get the most mileage. I’ve previously covered some aspects of moving up the Richardson Maturity Model scale. Implementing the PUT and DELETE verbs is typically a step up to RMM Level 2. There are other HTTP verbs, outside of the ‘by the book’ RESTful patterns, which can prove very useful in certain situations. One of the easiest to implement verbs, with some great benefits in scaling terms, is the HEAD verb.

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BDD / ATDD for your Agile REST API

In any system architecture, a multi-tiered testing strategy is critical. Much of this work is typically behind the scenes in development teams, often following TDD-oriented practices. In agile terms, stakeholders and product owners often never see or grasp what’s being tested. Within the unit testing and integration testing tiers, this tends to make sense. However Behavioral Driven Development (aka Acceptance Test Driven Development) begins with acceptance criteria definition and finishes with the acceptance of a story, providing engagement for all members of an agile team from start to finish.

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