API Slides and Retros Collected From Twitter #apistrat #NYC 2013

By Jason Harmon | Feb 26, 2013

I had a blast at the API Strategy and Practices Conference in NYC over the weekend. I learned things, I shared and socialized ideas, and was generally awed by the level of brainshare happening. In an effort to share this with folks who didn’t make it, I’ve collected all I could along the way, and I’m sharing it.

Please send me anything I’ve missed, whether you presented it or just took better notes than me.


APIs for Humans - API Strategy and Practice Edition - John Sheehan, Runscope

The Future of Music APIs - R. Kevin Nelson, Rdio (and top live tweeter just above me at #apistrat ;)

Building Stripe’s API - Amber Feng

API Revolutions : Netflix’s API Redesign from Daniel Jacobson

Level 3 REST Makes Your API Browsable from Matt Bishop

Platforms are Social from harmophone

Adopt an API Product Mindset from Chris Haddad

Unpacking Developer Experience from Amit Jotwani

Make Your API Irresistible from duvander

API Business Models from John Musser

Swagger for-your-api from Tony Tam

Who’s using your API? from Bruno Pedro

Managing the Risks of Third Party APIs from SmartBear

We are Software People - Jeff Lawson - API Strategy Conference - February 2012 from Twilio

Solid Platform Strategies in Action! #APIstrat from Chuck Freedman


Three takeaways – Mike Reich, Seabourne

Five things we learned – Steven Willmott, 3scale

API Strategy & Practice Conference Summary - Mashery

Exactly the API Strategy & Practice Conference I Envisioned - Kin Lane / API Evangelist

Technologists Flocked to NYC for the First-ever #apistrat Conference Last Week - Anthony

API Strategy Conference Recap - Reverb Software

Another #APIStrat Conference Recap - @Olensmar of @SoapUI

Thanks to all who attended for your open-mindedness and inclusive attitudes. It was great to connect with everyone I met.

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