BDD for APIs Talk at APIStrat SF 2013

By Jason Harmon | November 10, 2013

I recently attended the API Strategy & Practices conference in San Francisco. I also attended earlier this year in New York, but this time I came as a speaker. I enjoyed the panel format in NYC so much, I decided I had to be a part of it. I wanted to bring something that I haven’t heard before at API-related conferences.

I’ve blogged quite a bit in the past on the topic of BDD for APIs. I have a theory that many API developers use this methodology for functional/acceptance testing, but just aren’t talking about it. Presenting on this topic gave me an opportunity to meet folks from a variety of industries who all agreed this is a very effective approach for giving APIs a business language for testing.

My talk starts at 37 minutes, 54 seconds, but I recommend watching the whole panel if you are truly interested in testing and debugging APIs.

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Code samples for this talk

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