API Slides and Retros Collected From Twitter #apistrat #NYC 2013

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I had a blast at the API Strategy and Practices Conference in NYC over the weekend. I learned things, I shared and socialized ideas, and was generally awed by the level of brainshare happening. In an effort to share this with folks who didn’t make it, I’ve collected all I could along the way, and I’m sharing it.

Please send me anything I’ve missed, whether you presented it or just took better notes than me. APIStrat


APIs for Humans – API Strategy and Practice Edition – John Sheehan, Runscope

The Future of Music APIs – R. Kevin Nelson, Rdio (and top live tweeter just above me at #apistrat ;)

Building Stripe’s API – Amber Feng

Retros: Three takeaways – Mike Reich, Seabourne

Five things we learned – Steven Willmott, 3scale

API Strategy & Practice Conference Summary – Mashery

Exactly the API Strategy & Practice Conference I Envisioned – Kin Lane / API Evangelist

Technologists Flocked to NYC for the First-ever #apistrat Conference Last Week – Anthony

API Strategy Conference Recap – Reverb Software

Another #APIStrat Conference Recap – @Olensmar of @SoapUI

Thanks to all who attended for your open-mindedness and inclusive attitudes. It was great to connect with everyone I met.